What is this survey about?

    We recognise the importance that sport and recreation plays and the benefits it provides to the community. Improved health and wellbeing, through physical activity and social connections, are just some ways that sport, recreation and community participation have a positive effect on the community.

    The intent of the survey is for Council to understand the needs and requirements of the community relative to sports and recreation. This will give Council valuable raw data on what the community think works well and what can be improved. 

    This data gathered from the survey will help shape future strategic documents and policies including ‘Sports Facilities Strategy’.

    Is the survey only for people who play organised sports?


    We welcome feedback from members of the community on all active recreation facilities.  This may include skateboarding, outdoor fitness, BMX/pump track, futsal or the like. 

    I represent a club/association - how do I have my say?

    The community survey focuses on feedback from individuals about their personal sport and recreation needs. It's the first step in research being conducted.

    Representatives of clubs and/or associations are welcome to complete the survey but must answer the questions in a personal capacity.  

    Clubs and associations will be provided with opportunities to share their vision for sports facilities during future stages of consultation in 2021.

    To ensure we have the correct contacts for your club or association please complete the sport and recreation contact form.

    Why do we need a Sports Facility Strategy?

    The goal of this strategy is to support a new way for Council, sports associations and the community to work together to enable improved access to better quality active recreation and sports facilities.

    We intend this strategy to:

      • Help Council allocate our available resources fairly
      • Assist us to determine priorities for maintenance and upgrade
      • Outline Council’s approach to facility upgrades and developments
      • Provide an upgrade and upkeeping program for Council owned assets
      • Provide a framework to achieve better standard of facilities
      • Facilitate improved access to sport and recreation sites (eg. ovals and courts) by the general community

    Why does my contribution matter?

    Council provides public sport and recreation facilities for the community’s enjoyment.  We acknowledge that you are the experts in the type of recreation activity you participate in, delivering your sport, or that you understand your community group or facility best. So please help us by providing your feedback using the tools provided.

    How will my feedback make a difference?

    The information that you provide to us will be used to develop future council strategy including ‘Sports Facility Strategy’.  Your feedback will help us shape sports and recreation within the Shire.  Once we have a draft ‘Sports Facility Strategy’ you will have an opportunity to provide feedback on it.

    How can I have my say?

    You can have your say by providing input during the various stages of consultation undertaken in order to develop the draft strategy.

    • Use the mapping tool to identify facilities you like or which need to be improved
    • Complete the community survey by 9am Monday 1 March 2021
    • Ask a Question or see how we've responded to others

    I want to talk to someone about this project, who can I call?

    Call Wingecarribee Shire Council on 4868 0888 and they'll pop you through to the right team. Or you can use the Ask a Question tool.