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    Ref 5450/28.6 Backyard Burning Policy


    Backyard Burning Policy

    WSC Reference: 5450/28.6

    General Manager
    Wingecarribee Shire Council
    PO Box 141
    Moss Vale 2577

    What is the closing date?

    Submissions need to be received by 5pm on Friday 5 May 2017

    Why is the Backyard Burning Policy being reviewed?

    Smoke from burning does impact neighbours and can also cause health problems. Smoky fires create problems in the community each year and Council receives requests to investigate problem burning. The draft policy looks at ways to reduce the problems.

    Since the policy was last updated, Council has introduced a fortnightly green waste collection service. This service helps to reduce the need to burn green waste.

    Detailed information of the analysis that went in to the draft policy is found in the Document Library section on this page.

    What changes are proposed?

    The draft policy proposes that the types of properties able to burn will change. One of the key changes is to have the same rules across the shire, unlike the current policy. Another change is to align requirements for how burning occurs with the Rural Fire Services Standards for Pile Burning. The full details of the changes proposed are in the Document Library section on this page.

    Is there a map that shows the changes?

    Yes. You can view instructions and links for the map here. You can search the map using your address or zoom to your property to see what the draft policy means for your area.

    The maps have been prepared using data available in Council's Local Environment Plan (LEP) maps and property data as of the 29 March 2017. Eligibility to burn may vary from these maps if land is subject to subdivision, or changes have been made to the LEP since this date.

    It is essential to check the conditions in the policy for eligibility to burn.

    What about bushfire hazard reduction?

    Council’s policy does not restrict residents getting approval from the relevant fire authority for genuine hazard reduction activities. Depending on where you live, you can contact the Rural Fire Services or NSW Fire and Rescue. For rural areas contact the local RFS on 4868 5500. For town areas contact Mittagong Fire and rescue on 4871 1002; Bowral Fire and Rescue on 4862 1446 or Moss Vale Fire and Rescue on 4868 1288. 

    What can I do with my garden waste?

    Most properties can use the green waste collection service regularly. You could also compost, mulch or take the garden waste to the RRC. A second green waste bin is also available and may make sense for properties that only burn occasionally. Contact Council on 48680888 if you would like information on a second green waste bin. 

    There are some properties that don't have a waste collection service. Most of these properteis are in rural areas. 

    When would changes start?

    Community feedback will be considered in the final policy. If a new policy is adopted by Council, the start of the changes are likely to be during 2017. There would be some time to adjust to the new rules.

    Can I burn at the moment?

    Nothing has changed yet, so the current rules still apply. Visit for further information or call 4868 0888.

    The Mandemar branch of the Rural Fire Service has produced an excellent short video on how to burn safely.

    What is backyard burning?

    The Backyard Burning of Vegetation Policy only relates to burning dead and dry vegetation from routine property maintenance. The policy does not cover recreational fires or cooking. It also doesn't cover burning from development or hazard reduction burning.