What is a Masterplan?

    Masterplans are visionary documents and are intended to explore the possibilities of sites in order to develop and protect them in the most appropriate manner, for each particular location and community. 

    How long will it take to implement the Masterplan?

    The draft Berrima Marketplace Masterplan outlines a three stage plan. The playground improvements can be completed quite quickly as funding has already been provided however other aspects are more aspirational and therefore subject to ongoing community feedback, available funding and overall environmental and heritage impacts.

    The three stage plan is illustrated in L11 Staging Plan.

    Does Council have funding for this?

    This project has been made possible as a result of two successful NSW Government grant funding applications; one obtained by the Berrima District Rotary Club and the second a joint submission from the Rotary Club and Wingecarribee Shire Council. 

    Will parking change?

    There are two accessible parking spaces proposed, the current informal parking arrangement will continue for the remainder of parking spaces. 

    Will trees be affected?

    The overall design of the draft Masterplan and Tree Replacement Plan was informed by Council’s Parks Strategy 2016, Street Tree Masterplan 2016 and the Berrima Marketplace Conservation Management Strategy 2007

    How do I find out about Berrima's heritage?

    There are a number of places you can look. We recommend a visit to http://berrimavillage.com.au/historic-berrima/ where a brief overview of Berrima's history is provided.