When will Council start roadwork?

    The works are proposed to be constructed during the 2015/2016 financial year. Council awarded contracts on 24 February 2016 and weather permitting, work should be underway from the third week in March 2016. It is anticipated that the work will take about 10 weeks to complete.

    What is planned as part of the upgrade?

    The works will include:

    • Storm water pit and pipe installation
    • Kerb and Gutter construction
    • Widening and sealing of the existing road pavement
    • Concrete shared pathway 1.5m wide

    Why is Council charging us to install kerb and guttering?

    Under Section 217 of the Roads Act 1993 and Council’s Kerb and Gutter Contributions Policy, a contribution towards the kerb
    and gutter construction will be required from property owners adjacent to the new kerb and gutter.

    How is Council keeping property owners updated?

    Council has prepared concept plans for the proposed rehabilitation of Bong Bong Road (between Mary and Belmore Streets) and has commenced consultation with property owners directly affected as well as the surrounding streets.

    Feedback is sought at the moment about any issues that you would like us to consider as part of the project.

    We will continue to keep property owners in this area informed of further progress of the project.