What area will the Master Plan cover?

    We're looking at the full length of Bong Bong Street from Kangaloon Road in the south through to the intersection with Station and Bundaroo Streets at the northern end. 

    The streetscape scheme will also include the Corbett Plaza pedestrian area at Wingecarribee Street and side streets. 

    Station Street is the subject of a separate streetscape plan - see www.yoursaywingecarribee.com.au/ssu.

    What principles will guide the Master Plan?

    It is anticipated that the following principles based on policy and planning documents will guide development of the Master Plan:

    • Identity and vibrancy – provide a distinctive, visually appealing, engaging and memorable space that supports prosperous business experiences and community events
    • Connectivity and wayfinding – provide elements that assist with navigation, orientation and wayfinding
    • Integration – provide an environment that links with surrounding streets and open space
    • Futureproof – provide a streetscape that is sustainable, enduring, resilient and technology smart 
    • Safety and accessibility – create a space that is designed for the safety and inclusion of all users
    • Serviceable – ensure key services such as deliveries, garbage, street-sweeping, parking, water, gas, public transport, drainage, power and telecommunications are accommodated

    What plans and strategies will be considered when developing the Masterplan?

    The project framework includes consideration of a number of relevant plans, projects, policies and guidelines related to the scope of work including:

    Is Council limited in what it can do by the RMS?

    Bong Bong Street is classified as a Main Road (MR260) in the State Road network so any recommendations that impact on the travel lanes would need to be approved by Roads and Maritime Services.

    Council has responsibility for the parking lane and sidewalk areas.

    The upgrade of Station Street to Main Road standards would provide an opportunity for Bong Bong Street to be reclassified.

    Will businesses and shoppers be affected by the associated construction work?

    The preparation of the master plan would be followed by a long term funding strategy, as it is likely that this would require a 'whole of government approach' with funding to be sought by other levels of government'.

    Once the master plan is adopted and funding resolved, Council is expected to begin including staged streetscape upgrade works in the yearly capital works program. These would need to be fully designed and costed for inclusion in the capital works program.  It is anticipated that when the streetscape improvements construction works occur they will cause some temporary inconvenience so Council plans to dissect the master plan into a number of “stand alone” projects to reduce and control the impacts on the town centre, businesses, traffic and pedestrians. 

    This would also allow Council to deliver the project with a combination of in house and external construction teams over an extended period.

    Larger projects, for example paving, may be delivered in a single package and the contractor can “stage” the works as suits to help minimise the impacts to the community.