Watch where you step

The recent fire and follow up rain have triggered a mass germination of the seed bank. These seedlings and the soil is incredibly fragile and where possible you should avoid trampling the seedlings and compacting the soil.

Designate pathways through burnt areas

If you are walking or driving through burnt areas regularly, you should mark out a path with flagging tape. This will reduce the amount of seedlings that get squashed and will stop you getting disorientated.

What species is it?

It is difficult to tell what species seedlings are; especially as juvenile features can be completely different to adult features. It's best to let these seedlings grow until we know what they are - even if you think they might be weeds.

Fire offers a chance for us to break the seed cycle of weeds - you just have to make sure that you control them before they start to flower. Until they flower, the weeds are making a valuable contribution to soil stabilisation.

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