What is an Environment and Climate Change Strategy?

    An Environment and Climate Change Strategy is a high-level document that defines a vision, aspirations, commitments and priorities for natural resource management and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the Shire. It is important that the Strategy is built on collaboration with the community and key stakeholders as its successful implementation relies on everyone working together. 

    The Strategy will bring everyone on the same page, so to speak. Additional and more detailed or specific plans (e.g. an action plan) will also be developed to help guide implementation.

    Why is Council developing the Strategy?

    In February 2020, Wingecarribee Shire Council resolved to make a Climate Emergency Declaration, signalling a strong commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare the Shire for managing the impacts of climate change. The Environment and Climate Change Strategy will give direction to this declaration and also guide overall natural resource management in Council over the next ten years or so.

    What will happen to the existing Environment Strategy 2012 - 2017?

    The existing Environment Strategy 2012 - 2017 will be superseded by the Environment and Climate Change Strategy. Council staff will undertake a review of the existing Strategy and carry over any relevant directions that have not been completed.  

    How is the Strategy being developed?

    The Strategy will be based on a mix of evidence including baseline data on existing natural resource management and energy consumption; scientific research; case studies and industry knowledge; existing strategies and plans (namely the Community Strategic Plan); and community values and aspirations identified through public engagement.

    How can I be involved?

    Here's how you can be involved in developing the Strategy:

    • Fill out our short survey (before 9 am on Monday 8 February 2021) - and enter into a draw to win one of three $50 gift cards if you are a local resident 
    • Attend one of our engagement events during February 2021 - keep your eye on our website for further information 
    • Write to Council before 14 February with your ideas and suggestions for protecting our environment and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions
    • Register your interest to be kept up to date and informed of events and opportunities on a continuous basis - see link on this website

    When will a final version of the Strategy be finished?

    The following is an indicative project time line, which Council are working towards:

    Planning and Initial Engagement - December 2020

    Community Engagement - February 2021

    Drafting of Strategy - March/April 2021

    Public Exhibition of Draft Strategy - May 2021