How can students get to school if they usually walk through Colo Street?

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused to school students and their parents. The closure of Colo Street, while the bridge works are completed, is unfortunate but will result in safer travel through the area for residents of all ages.

    Students attending high school and those in Kindergarten to Year 2 currently receive a free bus pass on application. Students in years 3 to 6 must apply for a free bus pass and if they are within a certain radius set by Transport NSW are generally ineligible. However we understand that during the closure of Colo Street, students in this group would be eligible to apply for a free bus pass on the grounds of safety and additional distance required to walk to school.

    To explain the change in walking route and request a bus pass call Transport NSW on 131500 or visit to learn more and use links provided for the online application form. The bus passes are managed by Transport NSW but Berrima Buslines is aware of the situation and can provide further assistance if you call them on 4871 3211.

    How will people who usually walk into Mittagong be assisted?

    Bus vouchers have been arranged for the use of residents who cannot walk the additional 15 to 45 minutes into Mittagong using Ferguson Crescent or Range Road while Colo Street remains closed.

    One voucher has been issued with a letter sent out on 9/9/16 and additional vouchers will be provided on request for residents who have difficulty getting into Mittagong.

    Berrima Buslines will accept the vouchers and provide passengers with a ticket at no cost for travel into Mittagong only. Date, time and journey description information will need to be completed by the passenger before handing it to the bus driver.

    A summary of the timetable currently operated by Berrima Buslines has been prepared for your convenience but this may run late once road diversions are in place. Visit for up-to-date timetables. 

    To obtain additional bus vouchers please call Josh Provis on 4868 0569 and explain your situation with regard to transportation.

    How can I find out about bus route changes?

    Please contact Berrima Buslines to discuss changes made to timetables and routes.

    Telephone: 02 4871 3211


    Can I be notified about construction activities?

    An emailed newsletter will be issued from time to time during the construction period. If you'd like to receive updates subscribe here.

    Will the Bong Bong Road works be completed before Colo Street is closed?

    Bong Bong Road will be re-opened to through traffic by the end of August 2016, a few weeks prior to work commencing in Colo Street.