Update September 2022

As noted in our previous update, a report went to Council on 15 June 2022. In this report you will find a summary of feedback received. You can access the full report here.

Reviewing the community feedback received, it is recognised that the top four investment ideas (and elements of the fifth and seventh top investment ideas) could be achieved through renewal and upgrade to the Jurd Park playspace. These investment ideas capture approximately 60% of all community feedback.

Summary of feedback received Percentage of votes
Pump Track 14.9%
Skate Park 14.1%
Upgrade parks - including toilets, BBQ facilities, covered tables and benches, update play equipment, install signage, all access equipment 10.5%
Facilities for older children - adventure playground/all ages park 10.1%
Footpaths, shared walking/bike/BMX track, walking track along remainder of train line or Colo Road 6.6%
Donation to Men's Shed to contribute to cost of concrete slab and shed (costs requested from Men's Shed $28,500 for slab, $15,000 for erection of shed and $20,000 for electrical, plumbing and sundry) 6.6%
Upgrades to Jurd Park - formal garden, tap near BBQ, sensory lights 5.2%

A donation to the Men’s Shed was the sixth highest suggestion. It was recommended that $28,500 be given to the Men’s Shed.

On 15 June 2022 Council resolved (MN 2022/124):

THAT the matter be deferred to allow further consultation on the location of the play space and possible further allocation towards the Men’s Shed.

Council will now look to allocate $80,000 towards the Men’s Shed which will provide for concrete slab, shed, electrical, plumbing and sundry.

This will leave approximately $377,000 for playspace upgrade.

Council is now seeking Community feedback on the preferred location of the playspace upgrade. Council has identified two possible locations being Jurd Park and Railway Avenue. There are pro’s and con’s to both sites some of which we have listed below.

JURD PARK RAILWAY AVENUE, near the station
  • Council owned land
  • Additional funding of $200,000 for the Jurd Park renewal project (identified in Council's Playspace Strategy 2020) would enable the delivery of more substantial improvements, when combined with the funding available from the sale proceeds. Total approx. $577,000.
  • Able to deliver a pump track and skate park elements at the site.
  • Tennis courts.
  • Close to school.
  • More central location, near Loop Line, Community Hall and walking distance to shop.
  • Attraction for visitors associated with the proposed Loop Line project.


  • Further away from Community Hall, shop and Loop Line


  • This location is not suitable for the construction of a BMX pump track and skatepark. Rail corridor, existing trees and channels within corridor and proximity to Railway Avenue were all taken into consideration for this decision.
  • Land is not owned by Council. The land belongs to State Rail.
  • Uncertainty of delivery time - upgrade may be delayed whilst Council negotiates a long-term lease of the space.
  • Only funds from the RFS sale to be used, approx. $377,000.

Taking into consideration the pro’s and con’s for both sites, we would like you to share your preferred site for the playground upgrade.

Please share your preference by 4.30 pm Wednesday 12 October 2022 via our quick poll.

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Consultation has concluded

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