How safe is our community?

over 6 years ago

Do you go about your daily activities feeling safe and without the fear of becoming a victim of crime?

Please take a few minutes to tell us about your experience.

Have you been the victim of a crime or do you just have a 'feeling' that something will happen if you are in a certain location or at a particular time? Community safety tackles issues that are both real and perceived and Crime Prevention describes any measure taken to prevent a crime before it occurs.

Council plays a supportive role to the NSW Government in both community safety and crime prevention. We coordinate this work through the Wingecarribee Safety Committee and the Wingecarribee Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan. This plan is currently being updated and we would like to hear your opinion on community safety in the Wingecarribee and how Council can play a supporting role.

So if you live, work or play in the Wingecarribee Shire, please take a few minutes to complete the survey by 31 March 2014.

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Consultation has concluded