Why is Council consulting about Corbett Gardens?

    Council has allocated funds in the 2016/17 capital works program to improve the landscaping and facilities within Corbett Gardens.  We would like to hear what aspirations the community has for the site, so our architects understand the community's desires when planning garden paths, infrastructure upgrades (e.g. toilets) and building improvements.

    How can I be involved?

    The very first stage of our consultation is a quick survey open to the wider community. We will also be meeting with existing user groups and stakeholders to identify their needs and ideas for improvements.

    Once this has been competed we will come back to the community to check that we are on track.

    We are planning to talk with people while they are in the gardens as well as try to catch interested residents in Bong Bong Street and Corbett Plaza. These activities will be widely promoted, but if you'd like to ensure you are notified please register on this website and/or subscribe to our Your-Say e-newsletter at www.wsc.nsw.gov.au/newsletters.

    What is Council doing?

    A Plan of Management is a public document that sets out how ‘community land' is to be used, improved, managed and maintained. A Plan of Management is developed by Council as a requirement of the Local Government Act 1993 as amended and the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005. The LGA Act 93 requires Council owned land to be either classified as 'community' or 'operational land'.

    In the event that a Plan of Management is not in place, the nature and use of the land cannot be altered and Council is unable to provide for infrastructure improvements or the granting of a lease or license over any area of the land.

    Corbett Gardens is an example of ‘community land’ and as a result a Plan of Management is required. In addition to this, community land must be further categorised as either park, sports ground, general community use, area of cultural significance or a natural area.

    A public categorisation hearing for Corbett Gardens and period of public exhibition will be required in order for the Plan of Management to comply with legislation.  In conjunction with the categorisation hearing, a community workshop will be conducted as part of the development of the Master Plan for the Corbett Gardens site.

    What is the difference between category of land and classification of land?

    Council is required to classify all public land as one of two classifications operational land or community land.

    Operational land can be used by Council in a relatively unfettered manner including restricting
    community access. Examples of Council use of operational land include Council works depots, sewerage treatment plants and water pumping stations.

    Community land is protected under the Local Government Act 1993 and cannot be sold, transferred or exchanged.

    Council is required to classify the land in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act 1993, additional guidance is provided in the Local Government (General)
    Regulation 2005.

    The proposed public hearing regarding the categorisation of Corbett Gardens is not related to reclassification.

    How are the categories decided?

    A category describes the land, with each category having a set of core objectives with in which the management framework and proposed uses of the land must comply.

    The Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 provides guidelines for each of the categories.

    How can I provide my opinion, comment or suggest alternatives on the proposed categories?

    In accordance with Division 2 Section 40A of the Local Government Act 1993, Council must conduct an independently chaired public hearing.

    A categorization information package can be viewed on Council's website www.wsc.nsw.gov.au/development/whats-on-public-exhibition or obtained from the following locations:  

    • Wingecarribee Council Civic Centre, Elizabeth Street, Moss Vale
    • Bowral Public Library
    • Mittagong Public Library
    • Moss Vale Public Library

    The community is invited to provide submissions on the proposed Categories with submissions able to be received from the commencement of the public hearing at 10am on Saturday 20th June 2015 until close of the submission period no later than Friday 10 July 2015.

    Submissions can be emailed to wscmail@wsc.nsw.gov.au or written submissions can be addressed to:

    The General Manager, Wingecarribee Shire Council

    PO Box 141

    Moss Vale NSW 2577

    Attention:   Joshua Patterson, Recreation Planner

    Please quote file reference 7124, 6527/6, 6500, in all correspondence.

    For further information, please contact Mr Joshua Patterson 4868 0718 or email joshua.patterson@wsc.nsw.gov.au