Becoming a Councillor Survey

We’re aiming to encourage a diverse range of candidates and are currently seeking feedback from the community to help with this.

The survey has been devised to obtain information which will be used to guide the preparation of promotional material, info sessions, induction programmes and provision of resources required for the 2020 local government elections.

Complete our 5-10 minute survey by 5pm, Wednesday 13 November 2019

TIP: Need a break in the middle of the survey? No worries, just remember to click on 'save and continue' at the base of the page so your responses are saved. Any questions with an asterisk must be completed so make sure you've responded to these. You can also click on 'previous page' to review and edit earlier responses. BUT the survey can no longer be edited if you click 'submit' on the final page.
CLOSED: This survey was open from 17 October to 13 November 2019 inclusive.