What is being done to the Exeter Hall?

    Officially opened in 1902, this grand old hall has played host to many social celebrations and is now being extended to ensure it suits the needs of our current community.

    Initial work will focus on the demolition of:

    • Annex and kitchen at the rear of the existing hall
    • Existing public toilets (two buildings)
    • Kitchenette at the rear of the former CWA (Country Women’s Association) building
    Then construction will commence for:
    • Extension of the hall including kitchen and toilet facilities
    • Extension of the former CWA building to provide changerooms and public toilets
    • Aerated wastewater treatment system

    Will groups who use the Exeter Oval be affected by the work?

    All regular users of the oval and hall have been notified about the construction works. Oval users will not be affected by the construction works as the area will be fenced off and the existing public toilets will remain open while the new ones are built.

    Will the public toilets remain open?

    Yes, the public toilets will remain open for park and oval users until the new ones are completed.

    Can I book the hall for an event after it re-opens?

    We are not taking bookings at this time however you can let us know that you are interested. View the hall website at www.exeterhall.org.au and contact the Exeter Park Management Committee on (02) 4883 4558 or email exeterpmc@bigpond.com

    Can we use the former Exeter CWA building while construction work is underway?

    No, the building is part of the construction site.

    Where are all of the hall groups operating while construction is underway?

    A number of groups who regularly used the Exeter Hall before construction work began have been listed below. We have listed their new location if we have heard where they are meeting for the interim.

    Exeter Village Association - St Aidans  Exeter

    Exeter Village Market is held on the first Saturday of each months from 9am to 2pm. www.exetervillagemarket.com Enquiries: 0409 152 022

    Exeter Park Management Committee - Sutton Forest Hall. For enquiries call (02) 4883 4558 or email: exeterpmc@bigpond.com

    Exeter Sings - St Aidans Church, Exeter

    Exeter CWA  - private homes

    Exercise GP  - Bundanoon hall

    Which sports groups use the Exeter Oval?

    A number of sporting groups regularly use the facilities provided with the Exeter Park and Oval area including:

    Exeter Soccer Club www.exetersc.org.au

    Highlands District Cricket Association www.highlandsdca.nsw.cricket.com.au

    Exeter Tennis Club Keys and bookings at Exeter General Store P: 02 4883 4289

    Southern Highlands Croquet Club  www.thesouthernhighlands.com.au/southern-highlands-croquet-club P: (02) 4862 4201

    Will the Exeter War Memorial and Anzac Day events be affected by the construction work?

    No. The ceremonies will be able to proceed as in years past, however, Exeter Hall will not be available for use as an after-ceremony reception space.

    When will the hall improvements be completed?

    The fencing went up around the hall in March 2016 and work is expected to take approximately 26 weeks to complete.

    How will the historical features of the hall be managed?

    All memorabilia has been removed and stored for its protection.  The heritage section of Exeter Hall will not be changed, with the exception of an opening being made in the rear wall to accommodate an enclosed link to the new extension.  In addition, recommended maintenance works will be done to the heritage section of Exeter Hall to restore a number of exterior and interior elements.

    When was the DA approved?

    The development application for the Exeter Hall improvements was approved on 18/02/2016. Details of the DA can be viewed by searching 15/0870 in Council's DA tracker.