What's happening?

    Construction of a second Synthetic Hockey Field will soon commence at the Welby Hockey Fields.

    As shown in a design for Welby Heights Oval prepared in 2004, the new hockey field will be located alongside Currockbilly Street, Welby. The works are to be completed as part of the agreed actions listed in the associated Plan of Management prepared by Wingecarribee Shire Council and NSW Department of Lands.

    Thanks to fundraising and grants obtained by Southern Highlands Hockey Incorporated the upcoming works are expected to include:

    • Synthetic Grass Hockey pitch,
    • Access road (emergency and maintenance only),
    • Internal Footpaths,
    • Spectator mounds,
    • Fencing,
    • Stormwater drainage works, and
    • Lighting.
    There will be some traffic and noise impacts on nearby residents during construction but we are working with contractors to minimise this. We will be in touch with neighbouring properties when an exact date has been confirmed for the commencement of works.

    Why is this project happening?

    In 2004 following significant community consultation, Wingecarribee Shire Council with NSW Department of Lands prepared the Welby Heights Oval Plan of Management.  The Plan of Management includes a design which is included below.  It includes the construction of a second synthetic hockey field recognising the community’s request for quality hockey facilities in the Southern Highlands Region. 

    NOTE: The 2004 design shown above has been used as a guide. The plan has evolved over time and will be reviewed in the future.

    How is the project being funded?

    The project is being funded through a combination of money raised by Southern Highlands Hockey Incorporated, grant funds received through the NSW Government’s Stronger Country Communities Fund, ClubGrants Infrastructure Grants Program, the Australian Sports Commission’s Community Sport Infrastructure Grant and a loan from Wingecarribee Shire Council.

    What allowance is being made for additional car parking?

    The Master Plan includes provision for car parking as shown in the design above however funding for this aspect is not yet available.

    Will additional lighting be part of the project?

    Yes, the project includes provision of sportsfield lighting similar to the lighting in place on the existing hockey field.  LED light fittings will be used which limits the amount of light spill to the areas surrounding the hockey field.

    When is construction likely to happen?

    Council has appointed contractors and is expecting construction to commence in August 2019.  It is anticipated that construction will be complete by March 2020 ahead of the 2020 Hockey Season.

    Will the work impact on neighbouring properties?

    Yes, there will be impacts on neighbouring properties during the construction of the fields and once they are finished.  Council and the Southern Highlands Hockey Incorporated are taking steps to minimise these impacts.

    During construction it is likely that impacts to neighbouring properties will include increased traffic and construction noise.  These will be limited to 7am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm Saturday.  No work is permitted on Sundays or Public Holidays.

    Once the second field is completed there is likely to be an increased number of teams, games and attendees visiting the hockey fields.  The Plan of Management includes additional parking, amenities and landscaping to assist with minimising the impact of this growth in usage of the Welby Hockey Facility.  Southern Highlands Hockey Incorporated are continuing their efforts to source additional funding to complete these works.

    How do I learn more or provide feedback?

    Information about the Welby Hockey Fields project will be hosted on this site.

    We encourage you to subscribe to project updates. This will also make it easy for us to notify you about the planned review of the Welby Heights Oval Plan of Management

    You're also welcome to send through comments and ask questions using the 'Ask a Question' tool or by contacting Wingecarribee Shire Council on 02 4868 0888 or mail@wsc.nsw.gov.au.