What is on exhibition?

    Our key annual Integrated Planning and Reporting documents are on exhibition. These documents are a sub-plan of the Delivery Program 2017-2021 and Council’s response to the Wingecarribee 2031 Community Strategic Plan.

    The Draft Operational Plan 2020/21 outlines the projects, programs and activities that Council is proposing to undertake throughout the 2020/21 financial year, in order to achieve our Delivery Program 2017-2021. The draft Plan includes Council’s annual Budget, Capital Works Program, Revenue Policy and Fees and Charges.

    View the draft documents and the associated cover report to Council in the Document Library.

    These documents are on exhibition to invite community comment prior to being adopted by Council in July 2020.

    Can I have a brief overview?

    The media release issued on 3 may 2020 provides a brief overview:

    MEDIA RELEASE: Draft Operational Plan and Budget on exhibition 

    Wingecarribee Shire Council is seeking comment from the community after Councillors endorsed the draft Operational Plan and Budget at last week’s Council Meeting.

    The draft Operational Plan 2020/21 includes the Budget, Revenue Policy and Fees and Charges for the year ahead and went on public exhibition as of Friday 29 May 2020.

    Wingecarribee Shire Council General Manager Ann Prendergast said the documents were an opportunity for residents to comment on Council’s program of works.

    “The Operational Plan is one of our most important documents as it outlines Council’s budget and proposed activities for the year ahead,” she said. “It also helps us to allocate the financial, physical and human resources to meet upcoming projects.”

    “These projects stem from our four-year Delivery Program, which has been developed in response to our Community Strategic Plan - Wingecarribee 2031.”

    These Plans are structured around Council’s five central themes of Leadership, People, Places, Environment and Economy.

    Highlights from the budget include $67.5 million to be spent on capital works projects in the year ahead including:

    • $9.9 million on improving community buildings,
    • $23 million on renewing roads, bridges and footpaths,
    • $10.4 million on upgrading the sewerage network,
    • $11 million on improving the water supply network, and
    • $2.9 million on modernising the Southern Regional Livestock Exchange and Resource Recovery Centre.

    Also included in the report are the budgetary details of the remediation works for the Mittagong Memorial Hall, playground replacement works for Seymour Park and an allocation of $5.2 million for the establishment of a dedicated Animal Shelter Reserve.

    Ms Prendergast said the impacts of both the bush fires and COVID-19 pandemic had also been factored into the Operational Plan and Budget.

    “The pandemic in particular has required us to review our budget position, and in some cases delay the commencement of works or temporarily suspend certain programs.”

    What impacts have the bushfires and COVID-19 pandemic had on the draft Operational Plan and Budget?

    The draft Operational Plan 2020/21 includes four new activities focusing on Council’s efforts to support the recovery of the Shire’s community and businesses from the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and bushfires, as well as the vital recovery of flora and fauna following the bushfires.  

    At its meeting on 13 May 2020, Council adopted a financial support package in response to the COVID-19 pandemic which consists of six key measures including the deferral of rates for certain property owners. In addition, the economic downturn due to the pandemic has resulted in a significant decline in Council’s budgeted operating revenues, while Council has also incurred costs as a result of the bushfires. The total budget impact of these events over the 2019/20 and 2020/21 financial years is estimated to be $3.4 million.

    Following the public exhibition period for the draft 2020/21 Operational Plan and Budget, temporary funding measures that will assist Council to maintain a balanced budget position in the short term and also to minimise the impact on service provision and the delivery of capital programs will be formally included in Council’s draft Budget and presented to Council for adoption on 8 July 2020.

    Further information about the impacts on Council’s draft Budget and the temporary funding measures under consideration is provided in the 27 May 2020 report to Council, available in the document library.  

    How can I have my say?

    We invite you to have your say on the draft Operational Plan 2020/21 from 29 May until 26 June 2020. You can provide your feedback via:

    Online: Go to the submission tab and complete an online submission form

    Email: mail@wsc.nsw.gov.au

    Write to: General Manager, Wingecarribee Shire Council, PO Box 141, Moss Vale NSW 2577.

    What will happen to my feedback or submission?

    All feedback and submissions received will be considered and reported to Council in July 2020. If you make a formal submission you will receive a response from Council.

    What is the Wingecarribee 2031 Community Strategic Plan?

    Wingecarribee 2031 is a long-term Community Strategic Plan. It represents the vision, aspiration, goals, priorities and challenges for our community. The purpose of Wingecarribee 2031 is to:

    • describe the vision and goals the community has for this Shire
    • outline the strategies to achieve the vision and goals
    • provide long-term focus for decision making and resource allocation
    • provide a basis for measuring our progress
    • provide an opportunity for community participation in decision making
    • address social, economic, environmental and civic leadership issues.

    Wingecarribee 2031 was developed by the community and is maintained by Council. It is a ‘whole of community’ plan in which all levels of government, business, education institutions, community groups and individuals have an important role to play.

    Council’s Delivery Program and Operational Plan are our response to delivering Wingecarribee 2031.

    View the Community Strategic Plan here.