What is on exhibition?

    Our key annual Integrated Planning and Reporting documents are on exhibition. These documents are a sub-plan of the Delivery Program 2017-2021 and Council’s response to the Wingecarribee 2031 Community Strategic Plan.

    The Draft Operational Plan 2019/20 outlines the projects, programs and activities that Council is proposing to undertake throughout the 2019/20 financial year, in order to achieve our Delivery Program 2017-2021. The draft Plan includes Council’s annual Budget, Capital Works Program, Revenue Policy and Fees and Charges.

    These documents are on exhibition to invite community comment prior to being adopted by Council in June 2019.

    What are Council’s funding priorities for 2019/20?

    The 2019/20 financial year also marks the fourth year of Council’s Investing In Our Future improvement program. This year an additional $10.8 million in funds will be allocated towards maintaining, repairing and renewing existing infrastructure projects.

    Other key projects to be tackled include the commencement of preliminary works on the detailed design of the proposed multi-million dollar Lackey Park Regional Sports Hub in Moss Vale and working in collaboration with key stakeholders for the establishment of a Regional Art Gallery in Bowral, including a financial commitment over five years totalling $2.5 million.

    Large-scale projects like the reconstruction of Merrigang Street in Bowral and increasing the provision of parking in Bowral CBD through Wattle Lane Car Park construction will see significant benefits for both nearby residents and the wider community. So too will those works earmarked for our outlying villages including Wombeyan Caves Road improvements and drainage works in Robertson, Bundanoon and Yerrinbool.

    Less visible but no less important will be the multi-million upgrades planned for our Bowral and Moss Vale Sewage Treatment Plants. These infrastructure upgrades are essential if we’re to accommodate the inevitable growing demands of our Shire’s major towns. These projects will be delivered over the next few years.

    While these higher profile projects may take centre stage, a significant program of works continues to be plotted for the months ahead. More than a dozen road, drainage and footpath construction activities are planned across our towns and villages.

    What is the Funding Proposal for Council's Regional Art Gallery Contribution?

    Comments are being sought on this proposal during the public exhibition period of the 2019/20 draft Operational Plan and Budget. Council will consider submissions regarding this proposal as part of the process required for final adoption of the Plan.

    Page 8 of the Draft Operational Plan contains the following details of a Funding Proposal for Council's Regional Art Gallery Contribution.

    In September 2018 Council confirmed its in principle support for a commitment of $500,000 per annum as a contribution on behalf of the Wingecarribee Shire Council for a period of five years towards the Regional Art Gallery’s operational costs. This commitment will be reviewed in the fifth year.

    As part of the review of the 2019/20 draft Budget (including forward estimates), Council has considered the necessary actions required to ensure this $2.5 million five-year commitment can be accommodated within the recurrent budget. The recommended funding strategy for this contribution is as follows:

    As part of the draft Operational Plan public exhibition, Council is seeking feedback on the funding proposal for the Regional Art Gallery contribution. Further details are provided below:

    • Environment Levy – Management Allocation
    In May 2016, Council was notified by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) that the Environment Levy had been approved on a permanent basis. As part of the 2019/20 Budget, a review has been completed of the staffing resources which contribute to the program management of the Environment Levy. It is recommended that the management resources which oversee this important program be reflected in the overall expenditure for the next five years. It is important to note this will not result in any reduction in baseline expenditure of the Environment Levy and will be funded through unspent cash reserves restricted for the purposes of the levy.

    • Arts & Culture Program
    It is recommended that Council rationalise its level of expenditure for arts and culture activities over this five-year period to ensure there is no duplication of programs between Council and the proposed Regional Art Gallery.

    • RRC Change in Hours of Operations
    A review has been undertaken of the level of access by the public to the Resource Recovery Centre across the existing hours of operation. At present, the Resource Recovery Centre is open to the public from 7.30am to 4.30pm seven days a week. This review has demonstrated that there is a minimal level of access by the public during 7.30am-8.00am and 4.00pm-4.30pm and during 1pm-4pm on Sundays. It is proposed that as part of this funding strategy, Council amend its hours of operation at the Resource Recovery Centre to 8am-4pm Monday to Saturday and 8am-1pm on Sundays.

    • Program Expenditure Savings
    Savings have been identified as part of the 2019/20 Budget through maintaining budget allocations for discretionary expenditure at current 2018/19 funding levels. This review has excluded budget allocations for statutory payments, capital expenditure and infrastructure related expenditure.

    How can I have my say?

    We invite you to have your say on the draft Operational Plan 2018/19 from 26 April 2019 until 27 May 2019. You can provide your feedback via:

    Online: Go to the submission tab and complete an online submission form

    Email: mail@wsc.nsw.gov.au

    Write to: General Manager, Wingecarribee Shire Council, PO Box 141, Moss Vale NSW 2577.

    Submissions must be received by midnight Monday 27 May 2019.

    What will happen to my feedback or submission?

    All feedback and submissions received will be considered and reported to Council in June 2019. If you make a formal submission you will receive a response from Council.

    What is the Wingecarribee 2031 Community Strategic Plan?

    Wingecarribee 2031 is a long-term Community Strategic Plan. It represents the vision, aspiration, goals, priorities and challenges for our community. The purpose of Wingecarribee 2031 is to:

    • describe the vision and goals the community has for this Shire
    • outline the strategies to achieve the vision and goals
    • provide long-term focus for decision making and resource allocation
    • provide a basis for measuring our progress
    • provide an opportunity for community participation in decision making
    • address social, economic, environmental and civic leadership issues.

    Wingecarribee 2031 was developed by the community and is maintained by Council. It is a ‘whole of community’ plan in which all levels of government, business, education institutions, community groups and individuals have an important role to play.

    Council’s Delivery Program and Operational Plan are our response to delivering Wingecarribee 2031.

    View the Community Strategic Plan here.