How can I view the Concept Masterplan for Lackey Park?

    Check out the draft Masterplan designs in the Document Library.

    Who was consulted about the Masterplan or involved in its development?

    Various sports codes have been consulted at a local level for input to the draft Masterplan, including Rugby League, Cricket, Netball and Gymnastics.  

    Consultation has also occurred with Southern Highlands Indoor Sports Stadium Steering Committee including representatives from Basketball, Soccer, Futsal, Indoor Hockey and Gymnastics.  This consultation included discussions on synergies and limitations of the two projects.

    Councils Parks and Open Space team, Assets team, Water & Sewer, Stormwater Engineer and Traffic and Transport Engineer provided guidance and feedback on the design. The Sport and Recreation Committee has also been consulted during the design development.

    Comment is currently being sought from the NSW Office of Sport, NSW Rugby League, Cricket NSW and Gymnastics NSW. 

    How do I make a submission?

    Submissions can be made:

    Have you considered alternative designs?

    The vision for Lackey Park is to provide a local sporting hub that creates a sporting precinct providing facilities that will attract regional, state and national level sporting events. The sporting hub will become the home ground to several sports clubs and provide competition and/or practice facilities for others. 

    In 2017 two concept designs were prepared with Option 2 receiving in principle support from Council, the Executive and the Sport & Rec Committee. You can view the Preliminary Lackey Park Regional Sporting Hub Concept in the Document Library.

    A principal design consultant was subsequently engaged to finalise concept masterplan designs.  

    During the concept masterplan development numerous stakeholders and interested parties have been consulted in relation to various options associated with the final concept design:

    1. Option 1 considered the general orientation of the playing fields. Valuable input was assessed, and a determination was made to reverse the playing field layouts. Numerous benefits resulted from this configuration including minimising the need remove significant vegetation for the proposed grandstand location.
    2. Option 2 considered two vastly different grandstand designs. Fundamentally the two proposed grandstand designs both provided adequate functionality, although it was unanimously proposed by members of the Sport and Recreation Committee that the option providing the clubhouse at the centre of the main playing fields is the preferred option.
    3. Option 3 specifically considered the grandstand capacity. Initial concept suggested a 600 seat capacity. Input via the Sport & Rec Committee suggested that to attract national level events a minimum seating capacity of 1000+ would be required.

    The currently exhibited concept masterplan for the Lackey Park Regional Sporting Hub has been designed to cater for numerous sporting codes, supports general health and wellbeing with a well-planned outdoor amenity consisting of practice areas, playground, walking tracks, exercise stations, parking and lighting, all within proximity to public transport and indoor facilities. 

    Once submissions received during public exhibition have been considered, the concept designs will be finalised  and developed to include a proposed staging plan and cost estimates.  

    How much is the facility likely to cost?

    Council’s Unfunded Infrastructure Projects List contains a provisional estimate of $15 million for works associated with the Lackey Park Regional Sporting Hub.

    Is there funding already allocated for the building of this facility?

    The funding of this project will require a ‘whole of government approach’ whereby Council will actively pursue funding opportunities through both the State and Federal Government.

    Completion of the Masterplan is an important step in moving the project towards ‘shovel readiness’ which will further increase opportunities to secure external funding for the project in the short to medium term.

    Has accessibility been considered for all?

    The inclusion of all-abilities play equipment, appropriate parking and access paths will enhance the social aspects of the park for the community. The Masterplan has been designed to ensure that all visitors to the park can access the amenities, facilities, playground and parking areas via safe pathways that meet Australian Standards.

    How will you achieve Environmentally Sustainable Design for this development?

    A draft ESD Report has been prepared for the Lackey Park Sporting Complex. The purpose of this report is to provide cost effective environmentally sustainable development design guidance in accordance with local legislation and benchmark sustainable rating schemes. 

    This development is governed by:

    1. Wingecarribee Local Environmental Plan 2010 - (WLEP 2010)
    2. Wingecarribee DCP 2010 - amended 17 Jun 2015 - (DCP 2010)

    Read the report in the Document Library.