How do I make a submission?

    We have provided a feedback form for you to share your thoughts on the Landscape Master Plan for Moss Vale Cemetery but you can also email ideas and feedback to Karen Allison, Cemetery Administration Officer, or post to PO Box 141, Moss Vale 2577

    What is the overall vision for the landscape plan?

    The underpinning philosophy of the Landscape Master Plan is to transform the current, and potentially expanded, Moss Vale Cemetery into a desirable, more functional and usable Cemetery. It is to encourage and strengthen the Cemetery’s sense of place, inviting people to mourn and reflect within an elegant, formal landscape embellished by long lived, and attractive symbolic planting within a generous open space.

    I don't have time to read the plan. What are the key points of the landscape plan?

    The main initiatives of the proposed Landscape Master Plan are summarised in 7 key points:

    1. Formalise and improve the vehicular and pedestrian network to improve safety, circulation and general amenity.
    2. Create a number of opportunities for different types of burial types and memorialisation increasing desirability and usability of the site.
    3. Create a decorative memorial pond, which serves to integrate the need for additional flexible memorialisation spaces and mitigate over land water flow.
    4. Relocate and improve the entry/exit to a more centralised location creating an attractive and welcoming statement.
    5. Position indoor/outdoor Chapel and/or shelter (with discrete toilet block) to accommodate for potential catering and gathering following burial services with potential to also provide appropriate ancillary facilities for funeral providers and funeral goers.
    6. Create a generous central pedestrian promenade to link the entry statement to the proposed more permanent chapel/shelter to the rear of the site.
    7. Utilise landscaping to enhance, frame and soften the Cemetery and reinforce the character of the site, increasing its desirability.

    Is Council doing a landscape plan for all Council Cemeteries?

    No, Council is only undertaking a landscape plan for the Moss Vale Cemetery at this time. Moss Vale Cemetery is one of the main town cemeteries, however, there have been no improvements made in the past and it is now in need of work to meet current expectations. 

    How do I find out more information about Council Cemeteries:

    Council has a cemeteries information sheet which is available on the Council website  or contact the Business Services Branch on 4868 0887.