How do I enter the photo competition?

To enter the photo competition, participants must be registered on and provide their full name and email address. 

Previously registered people may use the ‘forgotten password’ feature and are encouraged to update their details.

To register visit

To change passwords visit

What are the competition categories and how can I depict them?

The competition is divided into four categories - people, place, landscape and buildings (see below for details). A panel will create a shortlist of submitted images and then invite the community to vote for the winners.

Have a think about the questions below and explore ways to depict these in a photograph.

PEOPLE | Who are the people who live here?  What makes them unique?  How do people experience their place?  What images reflect what life is like here for people?

PLACE : Can you share an image that illustrates whatit’s like to live here on a day-to-day basis? What makes this place a success? What drives businesses and the local economy? Do you have images that reflect how the place has changed over time? What is it like to experience this place, to move around and enjoy it day to day? How does the pattern of roads, blocks and lots impact the qualities of this place?

LANDSCAPE : What are the qualities of your place? How does the landform, topography, climate, vegetation, creeks and the views influence your perception of the place? How does the landscape change at different times of day / year?  What are the key landmarks that define your place?  What are the short and long distance views that need to be protected? What spaces are loved by the community?

BUILDINGS : What buildings and/or landmarks are uniqueto this place and need to be protected? What images reflect the mix and character of local buildings you like? This includes age, use, location, height, materials and building style.

Are there any conditions for entry into the competition?

Yes we have some Conditions of Entry here.

How many times can I enter the competition?

Enter as many times as you like. You might have several photos at the same location or have some from places across the shire. Only one photo can be uploaded at a time.

I'm having problems with the mapping tool. Who can help me?

  • If you can't see a satellite image of the area in the map please change to Google Chrome or another internet platform - we have discovered that Windows Explorer is not compatible.

Please contact the Community Engagement Coordinator, Charmaine Cooper, on 02 4868 0861 or via email to for assistance.

I forgot to add my photo. What should I do?

You can edit your own pin marker in the mapping tool.

Just click on it and then the 3 dots to edit it. See screenshot below. 

Someone else has already added a photo in my favourite spot. Can I still enter?

Multiple photos can be uploaded for the same location. This will highlight the importance that people place on this location and it will also be great to see the character of a place with a different eye :-)

What is a Local Character Statement?

A statement of an area’s existing and desired character. While some may focus on preserving the existing character it is equally important to focus on what distinctive character we want in the future.

Council will be developing Local Character Statements in 2019.

Learn more about NSW Planning’s approach: