8 months ago

Residents of all ages are invited to explore and celebrate our people, places, landscapes and buildings. We’re looking for images and thoughts which reflect the attributes that contribute to the character of our Southern Highlands.

PEOPLE : Who are the people who live here? What makes them unique? How do people experience their place? What images reflect what life is like here for people?
PLACE : Can you share an image that illustrates what it’s like to live here on a day-to-day basis? What makes this place a success? What drives businesses and the local economy? Do you have images that reflect how the place has changed over time? What is it like to experience this place, to move around and enjoy it day to day? How does the pattern of roads, blocks and lots impact the qualities of this place?
LANDSCAPE : What are the qualities of your place? How does the landform, topography, climate, vegetation, creeks and the views influence your perception of the place? How does the landscape change at different times of day / year? What are the key landmarks that define your place? What are the short and long distance views that need to be protected? What spaces are loved by the community?
BUILDINGS : What buildings and/or landmarks are uniqueto this place and need to be protected? What images reflect the mix and character of local buildings you like? This includes age, use, location, height, materials and building style.
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