Landcom’s 2019 Healthy and Inclusive Places survey

Surveys are currently being delivered to Renwick residents by the Landcom team.

Here's what they have to say about it:

Landcom has always aimed to be a leader in sustainability and we publicly report on our sustainability performance every year. We have an endorsed series of sustainability indicators and targets in our Sustainable Places Strategy which guides how sustainability is delivered in all that we do. There are four main components within the strategy - environmental, social and economic sustainability, and governance. The Healthy and Inclusive Places pillar of the strategy addresses social sustainability themes. There are several indicators and targets within this pillar to drive improved performance and act as measures to determine how well we deliver on our social sustainability goals.
To measure our social sustainability performance, we collect data through our Healthy and Inclusive Places survey. The survey is aimed towards residents who live in Landcom projects and asks individual residents’ questions related to liveability, health, safety, affordability and wellbeing. The survey includes 32 questions and responses are collected in person, online and on the telephone. All responses are de-identified and will be aggregated.
This will be our second survey. Our first survey was conducted in 2018 and over 500 responses were received. Our performance results are in the 2018 Sustainability Report.
Complete the survey between 15 April and 17 May 2019 at
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