How will the centre be managed?

    Once built the Renwick Community Centre will become a Council owned facility and therefore require a management plan to ensure that its use and ongoing maintenance is administered correctly. 

    We will be seeking community involvement in the development of this plan. 

    The centre will be managed by Council for the interim.

    Will there be shops included in the Community Centre?

    The Community Centre building incorporates a space that could be leased by an organisation/commercial enterprise.  In the near future Council will be advertising for Expressions of Interest from anyone interested in occupying the leased section and for groups who may be interested in being a regular hirer of the Community Centre.

    It is hard to predict whether there will be interest in running a commercial operation such as a café but it is something which Council would consider. 

    The release of land at Renwick was a State Government initiative developed by Landcom. The approved Renwick  subdivision included an area alongside the Community Centre that was zoned for commercial enterprises.  

    Landcom has advised that they will not be managing the commercial area and that the land allocated for this purpose will be sold for development in the future. Any commercial building would require development application and approval processes.